The beauty of Sweden

07 July 2014


My time in France drew quickly to a close and the next page of the story began in Sweden! I've very much enjoyed my first visit (hopefully not the last!) to the country of many of my ancestors, enjoy a glimpse into the beauty of this country...

Hopefully more blogs to come today!

And, as Blogger tends to do, the photos loaded in completely a different order than I wanted them, but won't move easily... so they aren't in chronological order. sorry.

And as a final note - I think I've established that my dream location would look like Sweden, sound like France, feel like Hawaii, and be filled with the people of Africa. 


The center of Jonkoping, the city in south central Sweden where my great great grandfather was born.

Jonkoping from atop the city park - wonder how different it looked in 1861 when my great great grandfather left here to go to America....

Gorgeous sunset over Lake Vatten.  It never gets totally dark here, either.

Just in case my heart needed some Africa... I found it in the middle of Sweden!

Pretty church in Jonkoping

in Stockholm, I love how this crane was painted like a giraffe! 

Stockholm is really beautiful. The buildings are simple and elegant, and the entire city sits on several islands with lots of boats and water.  Beautiful.

on Sunday we went to Hillsong Church Stockholm - my first Hillsong church experience, I certainly hope not my last as it was wonderful... while we were waiting we enjoyed peeks of sun in this park just across the street

I just love coffee.

we went to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm where they have this super old (think pirates of the Caribbean looking) ship in  great condition. It was fascinating, but the lighting was really dim so I didn't get very many good pictures...

The Nobel Museum

Stockholm from a boat tour

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