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20 June 2014

I'm still alive, friends, and enjoying life in France.  Here's a few pictures to tide you over; I have some stories to write, some more photos to share, and some lessons learned... but for now, this will have to do.  France is playing Switzerland in a few minutes. Priorities.  :)
St. Jean de Lutz fishing port

The beach at San Sebastian, Spain, where we explored one Saturday

The statue of Jesus at the top of the old fortress in San Sebastian, Spain

The southwest of France and the north of Spain make up the Pays Basque - the Basque country, that has it's own language and all the signs in this region are in both French/Spanish (whichever country you are in!) and Basque.

One fabulous Sunday spent at the beach in Hossegor, with a touch rugby game. 

One Saturday we climbed the Rhune, a mountain in the Pyrenees

Wild horses on the Rhune

Another day we went into the Pyrenees to the Gorges de Kakahoueta (probably spelled that wrong).  One of those experiences that photos just can't capture - reminded me a lot of the Seattle area, with how green everything was! Lovely.

At the gorge.

We eventually climbed up to this bridge.  It was a nice view!

This is the school I'm attending, contrary to most of the pictures, I really am learning and studying the majority of my time!!
The building was one of Napoleon's palaces. Now it's a ritzy hotel I'll never be able to afford. In front of it is the grande plage (big beach) of Biarritz, sorta hidden behind the giant rock.  The surfing lately has been terrible, but great for swimming - very calm.
Met this treasure here, Lauren is an Aussie who has lived here awhile and knows where to get sushi (cheers)


Now that's a museum I can get behind...

And nearly every Mercy Shipper will agree - fresh strawberries? Heaven. 

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