Sunrise, sunset.

23 August 2014

And the sun rises and the sun sets, and there is another day - how I described this last week to a friend....

Another delay, this time something to do with the propeller system not working exactly right (and I am not a mariner or an expert but it seems to me the propellers are pretty important) means we've made the six-hour sail to Gran Canaria, back to the shipyard where amazingly talented engineers and mechanics will fix whatever is broken and we can sail away.

For how long? Not sure.

I know what you're thinking - gee, must be rough being 'stuck' in the Canary islands! Well, let me paint the picture - We're a crew full of people living on a hospital ship, created to serve and to love and to bring hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor.  We're in a shipyard, on a Spanish, high-priced tourist destination island, on a missionary salary, with no patients. 

I'm not complaining - there are much worse places to be stuck, that's for sure!  However, I do want the picture in your head to also be realistic.  I'm not lounging around the pool all day every day with an umbrella drink in my hand.  I'm trying to navigate all the changes, the uncertainty, make contingency plans that may or may not see the light of day, and find joy through it all. 

So, as it always does, the sun rises and the sun sets and another day passes along.  Hopefully I will have more news to share this week, hopefully we'll get some solid direction and plans, hopefully Ebola will just stop... hopefully...


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