16 November 2012

Hey everyone.

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. I've been trying to upload a different version of the previous video but can't get it to work... I've been trying to upload pictures, but they aren't working either... so then I just give up and try another day.

Well, today I thought I would get the word out that I'm doing GREAT, I love life on the ship. I just belong here. It's awesome. My first week in my new job went well. I'm HR support for all technical positions which includes Deck (officers), Engineering, the Purser's office, and everyone that falls under those categories. It's an entirely new world that I'm learing; what's the difference between a 3rd engineer and a 4th engineer and a 3rd officer and a deck hand and an able seaman and what does the purser do, exactly? These are the things I'm learning. It's cool to be learning something entirely new! I really like my boss and my coworkers, which makes life even better.

Today was a ship holiday - every six or so weeks we get a long weekend, because we don't actually take any time off for 'regular' American or other national holidays. There are still nurses on duty, but no surgeries are scheduled, the dining room is on a weekend schedule (no lunch served and breakfast is later), and all the office-based positions are closed (me!). This morning I got up and went for a run, then after a shower and breakfast went with some friends to a market - I LOVE african markets! I also made lots of friends thanks to my fabulous French skills. (I LOVE speaking French, too!) Then I came home, ate lunch, and took a lovely nap for a couple hours. A very good holiday, I think!

Tomorrow I'm heading to a baby rescue center to love on abandoned or sick babies. Sunday I'm taking a boat trip to the island with a paradise-esque beach. My life is amazing. :)

I will keep trying to upload photos and video... Stay tuned. Love to all. Krissy
Yay! I got one photo to load!!

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