The flip side....

01 November 2012

The last three days I've been experiencing the flip side - life as a patient on the Africa Mercy!

I don't really remember much of Monday night or Tuesday, except that I was sick and all I wanted to do was sleep. Eventually they brought me to the ship and I was admitted as a patient in an isolation room and put on IV fluids.  I don't remember much until my first real coherent conversation and meal on Wednesday night.  Heat exhaustion.  Awesome. Didn't expect my first days back on the ship to be as a patient! 

Anyway, they released me this afternoon from the hospital bed but I'm still on the ship under observation until I check with the doctors Friday morning. I'm tired but eating normally now and keeping food/meds down, soI hope I can rejoin my team tomorrow!

So grateful to have this amazing place filled with amazing people taking care of me!! 


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