Happy New Year

09 January 2016

Whelp, somehow we are over a week through 2016 already; the halls are un-decked, the busy second half of the field service has started up again and grouchy comments about cold weather and snow are filling up my Facebook feed. 

I've just returned from a beautiful week away; on a beach in northern Madagascar with no electronic devices except a Kindle full of books of the non-academic variety.  It was the week in between grad school modules so I was able to truly switch off and enjoy some sunshine, rest, and adventure with a dear friend. It was desperately needed, I felt like the last few weeks of December were far from my best; I was short and tired and grouchy and my daily prayer was reduced to the hope that I wouldn't irreparably destroy any project or relationship that couldn't be fixed later. Thankfully, grace abounds, and as far as I know neither has happened, and I am happy to be back here again in a much more pleasant-to-be-around state of mind. 

It's full speed ahead; I returned just yesterday morning and head out tomorrow to Antananarivo to run a course there, hold some meetings about upcoming training, and try to do some follow up on previous courses.  My next module of grad school has started; I am now six months into the two-plus year program and really, really enjoying it.  I am such a learner, and I find the topics of study fascinating.  I got my grades from the previous module and am still passing 'with merit', which is encouraging.  

My christmas cards are still sitting in the bag on my desk; not sure when I will get to them, so apologies and sincere thanks to all my supporters and friends and family.  Special thanks for the surprise end-of-year donations that came thru while I was away!  I couldn't do this without you all - so my sincerest and deepest gratitude. 

Happy New Year!  Blessings and favor over this new year, and always.  

This was the sunset on Dec 31, 2015 in Anjimarango, Madagascar. A beautiful goodbye to a beautiful year.


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