Thirty Four

24 January 2015

This first week of life as a 34-year old has been crazy, insane, hard, fun... and altogether normal for ship life. :)

Sunday morning I opened up the cafĂ© as usual with the ever lovely Dianna, but this morning also included a few balloons, banners, and extra special sweets - food, and people!

I really love cinnamon rolls. Better than any birthday cake, that is for sure!! A whole tray? Perfect.  The best gifts in the world are even better when they are shared. :)

So these lovely treasures lingered over coffee and cinnamon rolls, along with some other treats made by other friends... sigh. Perfection - this is what I love about this community.

Then Natalie and I went to the beach. Not bad. :)

What is even better than cinnamon rolls? Treasured, holy words from treasured, holy friends. Best gift ever.

So that was day, low key and just right.  The rest of the week has blurred past, I got to teach a class (will write more in the next blog post), took care of a few crises (that seemed like a bigger deal than they really turned out to be), wrote a couple hundred emails and today I'm trying to catch up with writing, laundry, etc.  Such an exciting life. :)

Thank you, friends and family, for all the birthday wishes and love.  Here's to even more adventures in this new year and always... xxk

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