Mooring Lines

16 January 2015

Do you know what a mooring line is?

It's one of those giant ropes that keep ships, like the Africa Mercy, attached to the dock.

You can see them in this photo of the bow of the Africa Mercy.  They are like as big around as my leg and are very very heavy.

Today we snapped some mooring lines!  Can you imagine the power of the water that will cause a line like that to just snap, as if you were ripping a thread?

What could cause such waves?  A cyclone. Which is the Indian Ocean equivalent of a hurricane.  

Now, please don't get panicked.  They are out there but not currently a threat except probably some windy and rainy weather over the next few days. There are actually two - one just made landfall on the other side of this giant huge island (the 4th largest in the world) and the other is spinning harmlessly away from us out to the east.  And by harmlessly I mean it won't come this way, however, it's churning the water something fierce - thus, the snapped mooring lines.

I've never had my plans altered due to a hurricane before, so there's a first time for everything - I think my hike on Sunday will have to be cancelled!

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