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13 October 2013

My new favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning - open up the Café with my lovely friend Dianna and bless crewmembers with a java jolt/sweet treat/sugar bath for their teeth. :)

Dianna's doodling on the countertop.
My attempt at Dianna's caramel macchiato... oops. 

Dianna enjoying said macchiato... after I cleaned it up a bit.

Caroline, Dianna's oldest daughter, is so helpful and rings people up so I can focus on other things like the music we are playing or the drinks being ordered.

Michelle so happy with her java jolt and soda!

Emma, Dianna's littlest one, feeding Tom's fish on his ipad.  Thanks, Tom, for entertaining Emma!

Me and my partner in crime, Dianna. I am so grateful for this lovely friend.

Sarah got so excited about her beverage she lost her neck. :)
Anyway, so there are a few photos of my morning. It truly brings me such joy to be able to bless others and sing 90's music with Dianna and dance and laugh and do something completely different than my 'regular job' here on the ship. I'm already looking forward to next week! Thanks to all the AFM crew who come by and bring joy - so grateful for each of you!

May your Sunday bring you as much joy as it has already brought me! (and it's not even 1pm!) :) Love to all - Krissy

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