A textbook for world changers (a must-read book!)

14 October 2013

I'm sure I've written about books before, thoughts from whatever I'm reading that stirs up wonderings and writings and conversations both here and in real life. But I don't think I've ever actively promoted a book before, until today.
The first line:
"Sometimes I wonder if life's greatest challenge is not finding your purpose in life, but surviving it."
Gasp. Sputter. Rush of adrenaline - this woman speaks my language.
(Her name, by the way, is Sarah Cunningham and I like to think of her as a close personal friend.  Not really, but we did share an email conversation after the gasp-sputter-rush of adrenaline caused me to stalk her blog and Facebook page... actually, I just wanted to bless her and say thank you and she replied!) 
In those 17 little words she has summed up this last season for me.  I've found my purpose in life... now I'm trying to survive it!
It's full of short (2-3 page) shots of wisdom, insight, honesty, and truth, directed at those of us who have said yes to the call to serve and are now trying to navigate the sometimes murky waters of faith and calling and serving and maintaining our sanity.
"We will marvel at the endless lines of people in need (Screening day, anyone?), tremble at systemic issues so huge they seem un-dentable (corruption, greed, poor infrastructure, lack of compassion, on and on and on....), and shed blood, sweat, and tears and the two-steps-forward, one-step-back progress that can leave us wounded and panting for breath from what seems like an uphill battle."
(from the intro of the book, but the stuff in parenthesis is my own thoughts)
Wow, ya think? Welcome to my world. Seriously.
"In the meantime, our task is to learn to live well in the learning curve - to settle in and find a home in the tension between the way things are and the way we hope they will one day be."
Yes and Amen.
So, because I could seriously write the entire intro here as amazing writing, and I haven't even gotten into the meat of the book, I must leave it at that lest I get myself into a sticky situation involving copyright infringement or something.
But seriously- I would love this to be highly-suggested reading for every Mercy Shipper (especially long term as it addresses burnout prevention quite well).  And get this--
Its only $3.03 on Amazon Kindle right now as a new-release promotion. So get over to Amazon and get this little gem.  And I promise I'll be writing more of my thoughts about some of what she says in future blog posts.
oh, and if you get it, and read it, let me know 'cause I would love to talk with you about it over a hot (or cold, really) beverage sometime.  
Oh, and just to be clear - I don't actually know Sarah or have any vested interest in her selling her book except that I think it's brilliant and she actually did reply to my thank-you email, which I thought was very sweet.  :)


  1. She should give you a tip. I bought it. ��

  2. I've been reading your blog for a few months now...I'm a nursing student hoping to serve over-seas someday (or on the seas, like you!). I've meant to comment for a while and let you know I was here, lurking, but school eats up most of my time and energy (and sanity?! I think I need to get this book!).

    I've enjoyed your writing style, and the honesty with which you address life. Keep it up! God bless.


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