Three weeks down....

05 October 2012

I'd usually say Happy Friday on a day like today, but reality is.... it's been SUCH a GREAT week that I'm kind of sad it's over!

This whole week has been about personal and interpersonal development.  The first three days we spent a lot of time on Personality and I get totally cranked up when we talk about that stuff (my Psych degree is coming out...)  We also discussed our strengths, gifts, living in harmony, and conflict resolution.  Our instructors have been fantastic and the staff super supportive as we discussed (and wrestled, in my case) these things with each other and within ourselves.  Overall - it was super fantastic and I'm sad it's over. 

Tonight we're headed to a movie and tomorrow I think we're going to the mall.  I'm not entirely sure.  And I don't have any pictures to share.  Really, it's turning out this is a pretty lame blog post, but I just wanted to get SOMETHING up here for you to see. 

We leave for Africa in 18 days!  YAY!!!!

Peace (like a river....) - Krissy

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