Safety at Sea

20 October 2012

I loved loved loved Safety at Sea training.  I actually am considering, if the option presents itself, taking the more advanced class at a mariner academy so I can actually be on a lifeboat crew!  It was awesome. Anyway, a few photos for your viewing pleasure...
We had to get in and out of the life raft from the water, and then do it again in our immersion suits (see below) - that was much harder. Then we had to right the raft alone from a flipped position. 

I'm leading this train of survivors, floating in our immersion (otherwise called Gumby) suits.

This must be where the cleanup crew on Monsters Inc. got their inspiriation - we looked just like them!!

In other news, I'm moving back to Africa in THREE DAYS!!! I'm super grateful for this time here in Texas but I can feel myself getting restless... it's time to go!! Today I have to try to organize my life a bit, get stuff in my (one) bag, put anything that won't fit or I won't need right away in a box to go on the container. There's some talk of going dancing tonight, or doing some kind of activity today... we'll see.  We all have to work on our final projects that are due on Monday, too. And we have to deep-clean our dorm.

Peace! Krissy

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