Back to Africa

22 October 2012

This time around it's a completely different animal.  Moving BACK to Africa as opposed to moving TO Africa.  All of the excitement, and none of the anxiety!  It's fabulous :)

The great migration begins tomorrow at 8am when we pull out of the IOC and drive to Dallas/Fort Worth airport (a couple hours drive I think).  Then we fly DFW to Newark (70 minute layover), then on to Brussels (5 hours) and then to Conakry (with one stop somewhere else in north Africa) landing there at 8pm Wednesday night local time (36 hour migration!)

The end is near, time to pack and clean,
Getting everything into one bag is obscene.

That's two lines from my final project, a 1325 word poem akin to the good Dr. Seuss.  I haven't written poetry like that in a long time and it has brought me much joy. :) I will post after it's been presented.

Africa is distorted on most world maps to look smaller than it actually is.  It's big, folks.
That's all for this morning! Peace, Krissy

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