No Reason to Panic.

22 March 2016

As most of you know, I am passionate about transforming healthcare in Africa.  I’m passionate about helping people.   In a few conversations recently I was asked something along the lines of “what do you want to do?” and my answer was help people… do something that means something… bring life and hope… make a difference.

So almost a year ago I was accepted to the University of Liverpool Masters in Public Health program – an internationally known program at one of the world’s top universities.  I want to be able to help people even better, develop the knowledge and skills to have a greater impact and build world class programs.  As I said in my blog back then, I really wanted to do it… but only if it was right, and best, and blessed by God.  Because if it isn’t? Working a demanding job and being in grad school at the same time while flying all over the place, if it wasn’t right… well, I wasn’t interested.

The first fleece was getting in – which I did. The second? Getting the first year funded. Which it was. 

So I’ve spent the last eight and a half months balancing graduate level studies with a crazy job/crazy life.  And? I have really, really enjoyed it. I love learning. I love challenging my intellect and stretching my understanding and opening my mind to new possibilities and ideas and ways of doing things.  It has come with plenty of challenges; namely, my social life has dwindled to nearly non-existent.  But it’s a sacrifice that I think is worth it; I’ve been able to apply what I have learned very quickly and already we are seeing some of the fruit of this endeavor!

So I mentioned the first year got funded.  Well… not exactly. The first five modules got funded, which often takes people a year.  And they call it an ‘annual payment plan’ – which to me, means, yearly.  So I had it in my head that I didn’t need to worry about coming up with another big payment until July.  Well, just a few days ago I was going through paperwork and planning out how my study schedule will line up with the projects and programs we are developing for Benin next year, and saw the line that said second payment is due before unit 5.  Which I will start in May.  So that got me a little bit nervous, but with still two months to go I wasn’t panicking.  No reason to panic, right?

Well… I got a bill yesterday. And they tell me it is due on April 7.   Like, three weeks. And it is for $8,200.  Oops. Gulp.

No reason to panic.

I’m appealing to the university for the date – it clearly says it’s due before unit 5 which starts for me in MID-MAY but as of now they have yet to respond.  And the due date in fact doesn’t diminish the fact that soon, whether it is in three or nine weeks, I will owe the University of Liverpool over $8k. 

(The third payment, of the same amount, will be due before I start my dissertation research, April of 2017)

Last year I had one donor give half the amount, and a few other generous donors cover the rest.  It was so easy and smooth and it was like, why on earth was I nervous?  So I am telling myself the same this year.  Except the donor who gave half will not be giving this year.  (no reason to panic).  And most of the other generous donors were anonymous. So I don’t even know who to ask!

So, I’m inviting you all into this – my ask is this – will you consider helping me fund my Masters in Public Health, so I can keep helping people, better?  I don’t need it to be able to help people, I know that.  I just want to use the gifts and abilities that I have to the best I can and right now I really believe that includes this – feeding my intellect, my thirst for knowledge, my hunger for more ways and ideas and credibility in the field.  If I were to want to do this thing that I do with any other organization, an MpH is usually a base requirement. 

Feel free to pass on my request to anyone else who might have means and a special love for education.  I’m desperately debt-averse and am not interested in taking out loans.  (it took a whole lot of work to get to be debt free... and I am a volunteer... gracious donations cover my living expenses only)  Donations can be made to my Mercy Ships account (banner on the right side of this page or link below) and those are tax deductible for you but I do have to pay taxes on that ‘income’ so not all of it will go to my schooling.  I also have bank accounts in WA and MN states and am happy to email bank transfer information or addresses of helpful friends/family in those places that can make a deposit for me...  I also have paypal... I can also give you the information for the bursary of the University of Liverpool directly.  So there are options. And if you don’t like any of those, but still want to support me in this endeavor, please do just contact me and we can figure something out.

I know there is so much need in the world.  I see it every single day.  I know you all see gofundme requests and donation letters and more and more need in the world and everyone wants to have your money.  All of that is real, and hard.  I see it.  I know it.  I wish I could help everyone, too.  And I am doing what I can do.   

Thanks for your consideration and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Love and gratitude, Krissy
link to my donor page: 

My view this morning as I watched the sunrise and repeated to myself, 'no reason to panic, no reason to panic'

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