Crazy life.

20 March 2016

Crazy is the word.

My life.


And it’s been a hard year.  The way my job responsibilities panned out this year it’s been a nearly entirely different experience over previous years here with Mercy Ships.  The previous two years were full-on creative and groundbreaking; I love the challenge of pioneering. This year the projects I oversee have continued to grow and so has the team, now the challenge isn’t to create things but to keep going with excellence and more people....  And that is very different! But what we are doing is incredible and I love being a part of it.

If you haven’t kept up with what I do for work, check out my work blog –

You will find a few stories there of what me and my team are up to… I’ve really enjoyed writing them!

Since coming back from Cameroon I’ve really been trying to step back and breathe a bit.  I’m here on the ship for six weeks straight, which is the longest chunk of time I have been on the ship at once for this whole field service.  Most months have me going to Tana at least once, sometimes more than that, plus my new years getaway and a trip to Cameroon have left me living out of a suitcase and constantly trying to play catch-up.   So this is a very welcome six weeks, where I actually put my bag away and have tried to put some rhythm back in my life – like running, and sunset dinners, catching up for real on emails and projects that have been constantly delayed, and time to catch up with friends.  It has been very welcome.  

I’ve also been plugging away with my masters degree program – a lot of work, but I really really enjoy it!  And I’ve learned so many things that are immediately beneficial to my work here.  Highly recommend the University of Liverpool program!

So, just thought it was time for a little update after the last several posts have been a bit gritty.  I'm planning a few weeks in Europe in June/July, no solid plans yet! Will be very happy to take a little break.  Then I start year eight in Africa, year five in Mercy Ships, back where it all began - in Benin.   Plans are falling into place as to what programs we will be running there!  It should be a great field service! 

Thanks, friends and family and followers - I couldn't do this without you all! 


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