Beyond Measure.

17 April 2014

I’m very seldom at a loss for words; but every time I’ve tried to write about what’s been going on lately, words have failed me.  

Every time I start to think about things… how’s it really going?  … I get totally overwhelmed with gratitude, with awe, with amazement at what I get to do, what I get to be a part of; at how I am blessed beyond measure, loved and appreciated, with incredible friends, family, and favor…. Even now, I’m failing at words.   

These last few weeks, the weeks in the red, that I had been dreading much of the field service, that I had imagined the worst case scenarios happening and wondered if I could really do it…  Well, as it turns out, my God is not a God of the worst case scenario.  These weeks have been some of the most fun weeks I’ve experienced in this chapter of my story; I’ve met and worked with the most incredible people, laughed the most, and got to be a part of leaving an impact beyond measure for the people here in Congo, the people I worked with, those I will work with in the future, and the people they will impact. When I start to go there, to think about the ripple effect… speechless, once again.  

This weekend is Easter already, which means we get a couple extra days off and I’m heading to a beach somewhere with some lovely people to enjoy some space to breathe and salt water therapy and the sound of waves crashing on sand keeping us company in our dreams.  It’s a welcome break and a much-needed rest after many weeks of long days filled with details and logistics and plans and travel and language and I’m really looking forward to putting my new hammock to good use.    

I’m sure much time will be taken to reflect on the blessings of this year; this season has been difficult but I sense with joy the end of that season and the beginning of a new one; I feel the birth of a season of hope, joy, confidence, and peace. I’ve been stretched this year, that’s for certain; but I’ve also been blessed beyond measure. I didn’t plan or budget any flights to the States this year and ended up going twice, and somehow I still have enough. I didn’t know how my roommate situation would change and as it turns out they’re incredible.  I can’t tell you the thousands of times in the last year that I’ve said “I’m not sure how that works but I’ll figure it out” and then I was able, with the help and support of an incredible team, to actually figure it out.

I look forward, with great expectancy and anticipation, to the next season.  We’re finishing up here in Congo in just six more weeks; I’m then heading to France to study and improve my French language ability, followed by a tour of my ancestral homeland of Sweden with a lovely friend… after that is still a bit fuzzy but eventually I’ll end up back on my floating home with plenty of time to sail to Guinea and take the Education program to the next level.  Oh, the excitement of it all!  Blessed beyond measure, no question 

Thank you, friends, family, supporters, and readers.  You are my heroes, I couldn’t do this without you. Much love - krissy

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