Thirty Three.

19 January 2014

Yesterday I turned thirty three years old. A lovely symmetrical number, if you like that kind of thing.

It was a fine day, really.  Different from last year, for sure, but I honestly did not want a big deal made of it.  I already feel very loved and celebrated for my return to the ship just two days before, and I'm still fighting jet lag and back pain so wasn't really into making it a big deal.

I had a lovely conversation with a dear friend about birthdays a few weeks ago, and sometimes I think we as humans wrap our self worth into things like how many balloons we are given or the amount of decoration/time spent on us on our birthdays.  I'm not at all saying that celebrating is bad, so please do not hear that, but at the same time... I would rather have a surprise blessing on a random day some other time, not a forced one just because someone some time said we are supposed to do that on birthdays. 

So it ended up perfect. I had coffee with dear friends, and love receiving cards with words I can treasure for a long time.  I love the simplicity of life on the ship, the gifts of a chocolate treat or quality time, such treasures. 

There was no birthday cake involved, which was totally fine.  I had a birthday cinnamon roll, which quite honestly I appreciated and enjoyed much more than I probably would have enjoyed cake.   I really love cinnamon rolls. :)

Wishes for this new year?  Well, it's somewhat convenient that my birthday and the new year happen about the same time, as I'm thinking about my un-resolutions from last year and will be writing up a new list sometime soon.  So stay tuned. 

Many, many thanks to everyone who sent love through words, cards, thoughts, decorations on my door, prayers, encouragement, and facebook love.  I am very blessed indeed.

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