South Africa

20 January 2014

On my way to the US for Christmas I had a 24-hour layover in Johannesburg, South Africa. Yay, a new country to explore, a new visa in my (nearly full) passport! I spent the night at a very nice guest house near the airport (which is gorgeous, by the way!) and ate ostrich sausage for dinner, which was delicious, though a bit salty...(Because who eats chicken when one can eat ostrich??  at least that's how I roll!)

The next day my dear ship friend Maryke, who lives in Pretoria when she's not on the ship, came and got me and we spent a most lovely day together! We visited the Rhino and Lion game reserve, had a picnic, drove around a really pretty lake and finally stopped for a selfie in front of the Union buildings in Pretoria (capitol buildings) before heading back to the airport and my 18+ hour flight to JFK.

Maryke, the day was perfect, thank you so so so so much!!

Enjoy a small selection of the 240+ photos I actually took in those 24 hours...

OR Tambo airport in Joburg is beautiful, and had this giant Christmas tree in the arrivals hall.

This photo is for Kim. :)


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