$1 joys.

21 September 2013

We had a surgeon here the last couple weeks named Dr. David Levy who also did some speaking. One day he talked about $1 joys.  He said that we often spend our lives looking for and waiting for those $1000 joys - getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, getting into the right school or finishing school or buying a home or having a child.  Those things are awesome, of course, but if we spend our lives looking for and longing for those $1000 joys, we will miss the thousands of $1 joys that are all around us every day. 

$1 joy - the oranges in Congo are actually orange and delicious. (in west Africa they are green and tough...)

$1 joy - ultimate Frisbee with friends. and running back together. getting nice and sweaty and smiley. oh, the joy.

$1 joy - fun post-it notes.

$1 joy - smiles and winks from friends. 

$1 joy - saying yes to tagging along to the beach this morning and cheering on the young soccer players.

$1 joy - sun kissed cheeks on a day that didn't seem very sunny.

$1 joy - clean laundry.

$1 joy - the gift of a foam mattress topper - so comfy!!

$1 joy - getting to make a sand fortress with this sweet little one.
$1 joy - one lonely soy milk with milk still in it at breakfast in the dining room.
$1 joy - sweet notes on my door from friends.
$1 joy - "we didn't start the fire" song conversation that lead to that song being in my head for the rest of the morning. I literally have not even thought of that song for at least a decade. Maybe two.

$1 joy - mail from my mom.  and the fact that she's sent me a letter every single week for nearly four years. I will not start rating or comparing my joys/blessings... but if I did, this might be a $10 joy :)

$1 joy - being in midships lounge (where I seldom go) when Rachel passed on her way to make bars, which she was missing raisins and nuts... two things I happen to have.  So we made bars together.  What a joy. 

$1 joy - tea with friends.

$1 joy - bringing tea to friends.

$1 joy - little pieces of paper that remind me of who I really am.

$1 joy - cinnamon toast crunch in the ship shop on a very busy day.

$1 joy - sweet facebook messages from friends back home.

$1 joy - getting invited to family movie night. 

$1 joy - laughter through tears... fighting for joy.

May you be overwhelmed with $1 joys today.  Much love - Krissy

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