Can you imagine?

30 July 2013

Outdo one another in showing honor. ~Romans 12:10b

Today to open our hospital planning meetings the Director asked us to share our goals for this field service - not professionally or what we as an organization deem important, but personal goals.  This verse is the first thing that popped into my head, something that I have been chewing on for a few weeks now...and I ended up sharing it with the team.

In this section of Romans, Paul is explaining some of the marks of a true Christian.  Good stuff, really, about making sure your love is genuine, hope, be patient, etc.  But I love this particular verse because it appeals to my competitive nature!  I mean, it's like he's challenging the Romans (and thus, us now) to compete with each other in showing honor...  Like, You go first... oh no, you go first!  (I heard a preacher this summer mention that and I can't seem to get it out of my head!)

In a miniscule sense, the question for my own heart is how can I be more honoring, respectful, and loving to those around me.  This is an awesome goal and I definitely want to grow in that over this next season...  But then I start to think bigger...  And let me say, I know we do some of these things reasonably well, and our people here are amazing and incredibly giving... but, can you imagine...

What if in every cabin on board the Africa Mercy each person was on a mission to outdo their cabin-mates in honoring each other?

What if we, as a Hospital, were on a mission to outdo each other in honoring our patients and their caregivers? 

What if we, as an organization, was on a mission to outdo each other in honoring our coworkers, other departments, leadership, etc.?

What if we, as a community, were on a mission to outdo each other in honoring each other, friends and family and neighbors and church members and coworkers and all those other 'roles' mushed together in this crazy place?  How incredible would that be?

And even further - what if we, as Christians, weren't known for what we agree or disagree with but rather were known by how we endeavor to outdo each other in honoring every single person who walks on earth... because they are a reflection of their Creator, regardless of what they do or don't believe or do or say or live.

Can you imagine?

Oh, that it would come to pass.... this is the cry of my heart. 



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