An Update.

16 July 2013

Hello blog friends. I'm still alive, contrary to what you may believe from my blog. Not sure if I've ever gone this long between posts! But anyways, I've just decided that my time here in the US is far to precious to spend in front of a computer screen. I've had a great time, camp was amazing, I've spent time with wonderful people, old and new friends, enjoyed food and friendship and sharing of stories and life and loving every minute.  I've written down a few things to write about, and those will come, but for now, here are a few photos.

I'm currently hanging out with my bff Megan and she's trying to get these two little monkeys to take their afternoon naps - so I stole a few minutes on her computer :)

The bottom two photos were taken with my heart family at Alki beach in Seattle on the 4th of July.  Love them so very much. Thank you, friends. 

I'll be back on the ship the 23rd!  Maybe I'll get another something posted between now and then, maybe not... but thanks for sticking with me :) 

Love to all - Krissy

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