Five weeks.

10 August 2012

Five weeks from today I go to Texas to begin Gateway training.

In the meantime I'm spending eleven days travelling all over Minnesota, spending six days in southern California, running two half marathons and hopefully a Mud run, packing up and getting rid of lots of stuff, speaking at four different churches and presenting Mercy Ships to other groups, and saying goodbye to like a million people.

There will be lots of laughter, joy, tears, pain, excitement, nervousness, and probably every other emotion sometime in the next five weeks.

Right now I've got my leg propped on an ice pack. I strained a calf muscle in my last training run on Wednesday. And I'm supposed to run my first half marathon tomorrow.  Rest, ice, compression, and elevation is the order of the day.  Along with packing, as I head to Minnesota on Sunday night/Monday morning (redeye).  

My life is crazy... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Choose adventure, run to win, and love well. 


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