Taking the leap!

28 June 2012

Cleaning out my desk, writing up instructions for my replacement (Who has yet to be hired...), delegating tasks, collecting contact information... and saying thank you to all the well wishers before finally saying goodbye.  This is my day today.

I'm taking the leap.  And I'm oh, so excited to do it.

Today is my last day at Disney, my last day with a salary, benefits, and the comfortable structure of a standard work day.  I won't miss the work.  Or rather, the lack of work. (my job has been rather... unchallenging. read:boring) I really will miss the people.  And I've said many times recently, both seriously and jokingly, I'm really really really going to miss my iphone.  I was reluctant at first, but man, that baby is nice. 

So, what am I doing now? Well, tonight I'm flying back to my homeland of Minnesota to spend a week with family, relaxing, playing in the lake, and getting eaten by very large mosquitos (Which I tend to still panic about when I see them, until I remind myself that they do not in fact carry Malaria here).

I fly back to Seattle on Saturday and Sunday I go to Kids Camp to work as a cabin leader for a week.  I've been looking forward to that for... well... since the last time I was a cabin leader, which was Summer of 2008.  So. Much. Fun.

After that?  I'm still not sure. I'll head back to Minnesota one more time, and hopefully will visit friends elsewhere in the US, before leaving for Mercy Ships training (Gateway) in mid-September!  My full time focus, after camp, will be raising my support for the next two years. I'd love to come visit YOU - email me! krissyonmercy at gmail dot com. 

My final HURRAH will be the Disneyland Half Marathon which I'm running Labor Day weekend!  So throughout my summer, no matter what it holds in terms of traveling or weather or time, I'll be running.  I like the idea of having at least something constant in the radically unknown and ever-changing world that I am stepping into.  No matter where I'm going, I'm packing my running shoes.

Thanks so much to The Walt Disney Company and my coworkers here. It's been really great working here, and who knows! Maybe someday I'll decide to 'settle down' and we'll work together again.  In the meantime... please, stay in touch!

All the best to you! Krissy

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