Remembering Salone

05 June 2012


So a funny story about that word (howdy)... In Sierra Leone, the greeting is pronounced "Howdibody" (Not sure how it's actually spelled in Krio, but that's how it sounds...) So I would say Howdy, because I'm American and that's how we do things, and the Sierra Leoneans would say "oh no, that's not how you say it, it's howdibody".  It was somewhat difficult to get them to understand that I wasn't trying to say that, I was actually trying to say HOWDY!

On that note, a few photos from my time on the ship last year. Enjoy!

I loved playing with the kids who were in rehab or healing from their surgeries. I can't wait to hold these precious ones again! 
Dolphins during the sail.  One of my favorite moments of my whole service was sailing in the open ocean and seeing dolphins, flying fish, and whales!

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