It takes an army.

06 March 2015

I was reflecting the other day on all the people it takes for me, just one person, to be able to do this crazy thing I do.   I had trouble keeping the list in my head, it got so long. So I started writing them down.

I can't do this alone. This isn't about me. It takes financial support, yes, and that is critical. But it takes so much more than that, so much love and support and there are practical needs to be filled and emotional needs to be met.  This amazing work that I get to do is a conglomeration of a zillion pieces that all come together beautifully so that I can be a part of transforming the healthcare providers and hospitals of Madagascar.

That's crazy.

And it takes an army, y'all. 

I am so grateful for... in no particular order....

--Incredible, amazing people I work with who encourage me to reach higher and further and just.keep.running.

--My accountant who I completely trust to sort out all those numbers and letters and tax laws.

--My friend Mel and her sweet words of encouragement and honey cinnamon lattes.

--The awesome family that lets me keep my "permanent residence" in Washington

--My mom, writing me a letter every.single.week. for nearly six years now.

--Bethel music for writing the current soundtrack of this season (we will not be shaken)

--Beth at Raptim Travel for finding me the best deal on airfare.

--My siblings and siblings-in-law posting photos and videos of the littles on Facebook.

--Michelle's parents welcome to their home in London

--People who listen.  People who speak truth and life and light.

--The beautiful smiles I get when I make coffee with a heart on top on Sunday mornings.

--My friend Brenda who sends the worlds best care packages - Treats from Trader Joes, and just the right post-it notes and pencils for this neurotic writer.

--Kirstie sending me funny imessages during the day

--incredibly faithful donors every month, that I don't adequately thank but completely rely on. thank you, treasured ones.

--various churches that let me share my passion through a microphone to a crowd.

--various other organizations that let me share my passion through a microphone to a crowd.

--media and communications professionals, here and there, that help me to get the story out.

--people who let me borrow their car when I'm in the states.

--more gracious invites and places to stay

--People who ask tough, or potentially tough questions, out of love.

--loving encouragement that comes from all corners of the globe.

--Donovan seeing beyond my dishwashing abilities all those months ago and encouraging me to serve long-term with Mercy Ships.  And his continued leadership and pursuit of excellence for this organization and everyone in it.

--Emotional support from the ends of the earth; people who don't hear from me for months who still encourage me and hold my heart when I'm upset.

--People willing to set up speaking engagements and fundraising efforts for me.

--The bestie.

--My sister for taking care of my chacos, sending them in for repair and getting them back to me!

--Random people who give random unexpected gifts - money, or care packages, or treasured words of hope and love.

--People who are willing to come fetch me at the airport.

--roommates who are gracious when I make too much noise in the morning.

--cute children who are fun for awhile but then remind me why I am grateful I don't have my own

--People who don't mind it when I'm especially needy.

I wish I could do this. My coffee has hearts on the top made of caramel drizzled on the foam.
But even though it's less fancy, it's still full of love.

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