Money matters.

24 July 2012

I'm still flying high off the awesome Ragnar experience (see below for more info...) and finding it hard to focus on what I need to focus on right now - fundraising.


Yes, as a crewmember on the Africa Mercy I need to raise all my living expenses, crew fees, and transportation costs to pay for the opportunity to serve.  Many people have called me insane, or said that's stupid, or ridiculous. In some ways, I do agree, as it would be significanly less stressful for me to NOT have to raise the support; asking friends and family to part with their hard earned dollars is a humbling and fear-inducing act! However, it's an amazing thing when you are serving with 450 people from all over the world and every one of them is paying to be there.  Everyone has worked really hard to get there and we all are willing to give up everything, even our pride and self-protection instincts to leave the comforts of a regular job with salary and benefits to trust in the provision of God and our friends and family. 

My needs for two to two and a half years is approximately $30k.  This seems huge. However, break it down - it's about $1200 a month, or really, I just need to find 120 people who are willing to commit to giving $10 a month.  Just ten dollars a month! That's like two or three trips through the Starbucks drive thru!

Okay. So please consider this. Please consider supporting me in my calling, to follow my dreams, and help the poorest of the poor in Africa.  The link to give your 100% tax-deductible donation is tabbed above, as well as to the right of this post.

I'd love to talk to you, answer your questions, make a presentation, speak to your group, feed you some authentic African food, or whatever else it might take for you to be willing to join me in this adventure. Please contact me. Krissyonmercy at gmail dot com.  You'll also get an awesome hand made gift from African artisans, regular communications and updates from me and the team over there, and that good feeling you get when you know you are helping someone in need. :)

Thanks for reading. Now for a few photos. Because photos always make long, wordy blog posts better. :)

Sunset in the open ocean

Port of Sierra Leone

Me and a precious girl, Lucia. Thiss little one stole my heart!

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